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 Maestra Laylin Flores

 Maestra Laura Gibson 

 Maestra Natalie Trivinos 

 Maestra Suzanne  Bray


 Maestra Wendy Samacá 

 Maestra Sol Barahona 

 Maestra Elizabeth Fontán 

 Maestra Brenda Rodriguez 

 Maestra Laurie Ojeda

 Maestra Sarah Joleen Niesen Scott

 Maestra Beatriz Risco Arias

 Maestra Luz Celedon

 Maestra Cecilia Font Araiza

 Maestra Kristen Scott 

 Maestra Lizette Shaffer-Altamirano 

Bilingual Resource Teachers: Jane Danley (KG and 2nd Grade), Sarah Meier (3rd and 5th Grade), Luz Burkard (1st Grade)

ESL Teacher: Erin Kerwin (5th Grade)

Special Education Teachers: Valerie Klessig-Palm (KG, 2nd, and 3rd Grades), Eric Wallin (1st, 4th, and 5th Grades), Gina Nolan (Speech and Language Therapist K-5)

Reading Interventionist/Instructional Coach: Julia Ketterer

Instructional Coach: Emily Zoeller

Music: Bob Curley

Art: Anne Seeber

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics): David Fawcett

Other new staff include: - Wayne Viner, Physical Education (replacing Mary Joyce) -Hollis Rudiger, Library Media Specialist/Technology teacher (replacing Candice Gosdeck)

How can I find out who my child's teacher will be?

Class lists will be posted at the main entrance on August 17th.  They will also be sent via email no later than August 20th.