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About Us

Welcome to Nuestro Mundo Elementary School!

Nuestro Mundo Community School is a Spanish-English dual-language immersion charter school. The school follows a “two-way” immersion model in which children who speak English as a first language and children who speak Spanish as a first language learn to speak, think, read, and write in both languages together in the same classrooms. We also use a “90/10” program model in which roughly 90% of instructional time in Kindergarten is in Spanish and 10% in English. More English is added each year until 4th grade when students spend equal amounts of time learning in each language.

Nuestro Mundo strives to develop spoken proficiency and literacy in both languages. Our philosophy prepares students for success in an increasingly global economy, while promoting understanding and celebration of cultural differences and strengths.

A non-profit organization known as Nuestro Mundo, Incorporated (NMI), holds a charter (or contract) with the school district that must be renewed every five years. Nuestro Mundo is a free, public school. The charter merely allows for more flexibility with instructional programming. We are held to the same certification and accountability standards as any other school in the district, including state and district assessments, and state and federal regulations concerning the education of English Language Learners. NMI is made up of parents, teachers, and community members who are interested in ensuring the success of our school, as well as furthering the philosophy of bilingual and immersion education within the city of Madison.

Nuestro Mundo values parent engagement from families of all backgrounds. Our Family and School Alliance provides a forum for parents, teachers and the administration to enhance communication and build a sense of community by participating in the governance of the school. Such participation contributes to a sense of pride and ownership where families feel that they have a real voice and a stake in the school.

Nuestro Mundo seeks to honor, value, and learn from all cultural and linguistic heritages that are brought to our classrooms. We have many fun cultural events during the year that are coordinated through the Family and School Alliance. This group meets here at the school on a monthly basis. All parents are a part of Family and School Alliance and are invited to attend these meetings as often as you are able. This group also coordinates fund-raising and volunteer efforts that help make our school an engaging, unique place to be for our kids. Some meetings are conducted in English, others in Spanish, however interpretation is always provided. Meals and free childcare are provided to help make these nights stress free and fun for all. At Nuestro Mundo we believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child. We must work together to ensure the success of our school and of our students.

Elementary students participate in music class.
A classroom bulletin board reads "The Sky is the Limit"

Our Mission

Many cultures, two languages - and a community united with one purpose. 

Our mission is to lay a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that allows our students to develop into young people with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, the courage to act on their beliefs, and who are ready to meet the opportunities and challenges of a multilingual and multicultural world.